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RE: Spark Plugs indexing

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Subject: RE: Spark Plugs indexing
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 08:20:13 -0500
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Exactly so. I spent a week one day at our counter, with several boxes of 
plugs and a cylinder head, 948, trying to help a customer get the most 
depth AND correct clock orientation yet leaving room in the combustion 
chamber for the wayward piston. Believe it or not, AND THIS IS NOT A PLUG 
RECOMMENDATION,  we ended up with a extra long projected tip as used in 
some early 80s Toyotas. Best done with the head off. The ground electrode 
isn't always in the same clock position relative to the threads, I found. 
And, the cylinder head holes aren't necessarily identically tapped either.
         PITA, but at some level it may be worth the extra work.
         Peter C
At 07:54 AM 6/12/2002, J. Le Clainche wrote:
>This is the answer I was given- "Indexing" a spark plug is a matter of trial
>and error, choosing one among several used or new plug gaskets (different
>thickness), to get the plug to tighten just at the right place (gap facing
>the compustion chamber, in the same position for all plugs),  marked on the
>body of the plug with permanent marker or such.
>Jacques le Clainche in San Diego

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