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Dist Problem FILETIME=[A080CA60:01C2126F]

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Subject: Dist Problem FILETIME=[A080CA60:01C2126F]
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 19:24:07 -0500
I have decided that the reason the 65 Sprite won't fire is because the
dizzy gear is off a couple of teeth. I have #1 at TDC, with #4 intake
starting to open and exhaust just closed. In that position, the rotor is
pointing at #4 rather than #1 piston. The slot is in an almost vertical
position rather than close to horizontal. I have the dizzy out, and the
sleeve wont come out. I can get it to spin if I tap it with a punch, but
I cant get it to come out. Is it safe to use a puller and put pressure
on the dizzy drive shaft that is down in the block?? Any other ideas??
The engine IS in the car..............

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