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'63 Midget headaches...

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Subject: '63 Midget headaches...
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 09:41:23 -0700
Hi all. I'm new to this list and am in need of some answers. First of all this
car sat parked for approx 6 years. I got it home and went through the brakes,
front suspension, and basically rewired the car(suprisingly it all works).
Replaced the front shocks and changed the oil in the rear shocks. Plus a bunch
of other stuff. As for the engine it has a side draft Weber, dual point dist,
headers, alternator. Now the fun stuff, when it started up oil pressure was
good and no unusual noise from the motor. But after running for a couple of
weeks it started to drip oil from the bell housing on the trans, which then
turned to alot more than just a drip, more like a flood. So I removed the
motor and found the crank at its last legs(ground down to .040 on the mains
and .030 on the rods) plus it had ridges on the surfaces so it could not be
reground. But I still am not sure where the oil was coming from. The pump had
some sludge it it and it looked like maybe it was leaking from the gasket but
it only leaked when the engine was running. If it sat for a day what was in
the bell housing would eventually stop leaking out.

I would appreciate any comment/sugestions on this and alas I am now in the
market for a crank for a 10CG motor.

Thanks for your time,


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