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Re: Spark Plugs Jun 2002 10:15:38 -0700

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Subject: Re: Spark Plugs Jun 2002 10:15:38 -0700
Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 14:34:29 -0400 (EDT)
Cc: gjbranch@attbi.com (Geoff Branch), grbyrns@ucdavis.edu (Glen Byrns), spridgets@autox.team.net

The higher octane "stuff" is around...I've
got 3 CAM2's to choose from in my neighborhood, including the unleaded
"104" and the higher octane leaded

Problem is the price and the fact it's
daily use (engine tuned for "product")
ties you to within 100 miles of the 
neighborhood which can be a PITA
(once in a while) unless you are willing
to take a few gallons along with you
and no matter how safely it's "stored"
it's just not a good idea to carry this
around with you within the vehicle!!

3 gallons of 117PON leaded CAM2 mixed
with 4 of 93PON will deliver over 100PON
to the motor but filling up twice a week for
52 weeks ($7.20 a gal. for the 117PON)
more than doubles your fuel costs for the
year, easily.

100LL Avgas would go for about $2.50
a gal. but you'd have to go 100% and
it's use still wouldn't quite equal the octane of the foregoing "mix"
due to it's
formulation (different combustion characteristics) for an entirely

So, it can be seen that a daily driven
Judson Supercharged application is
basically out of the question without
some serious thought as to "cooling"
mods to make up for the "loss" of the
leaded high octane automotive fuels
of yesterday readily available at reasonable prices and burned cool
to retain "stock" ignition curves which
produced that "40% increase in power"
(torque) advertised by Shorrocks and

The only thing I can think of to bring
back the "octanes" of yesteryear would
be water injection which would allow 
actually allow the use of "garbage"
87PON unleaded in "blown" motors
(low-pressure "blown", as in 6psi or so).
The "coolng" effect of water/alcohol is
an excellent substitute for octanes.

We have a Bugeye owner (Judsonized)
on the Judson List who also happens to
be a computer software designer and is
currently developing such a system to
take the place of yesterday's octanes.

I'll tell you that I for one, may not even
attempt the Judson installation without
this device 'cause in my experience, it's
the only thing we've got to allow it's
"unproblematic" use in a daily driver
in temperate climates wherein summer
ambient temps exceed 70F most of the
time, unless you are willing to use 
and pay for racing fuel on a continuous
basis. Even with a static compression
ratio of 8.0-1 with the stock cast iron
head or 8.3-1 with the aluminum head,
the heat generated by vane type blowers
due to simple compression heating of
the mixture ("in" or "out" of boost) is
substantial, to say the least!!

For anyone with a "tuned" higher compression unit H2O inject. is
and normally, an easy installation, which
allows for more timing (torque).

Cap'n. Bob
    '60 :{)  

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