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Firend would like to sell her 76 MGB

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Subject: Firend would like to sell her 76 MGB
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 10:48:22 -0500 ocal>
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Thread-topic: Firend would like to sell her 76 MGB
Hi Listers, a lady friend in my building was widowed a few months ago and she
would like to sell her '76  (rubber bumper) MGB.  Her late husband owned the
car all but the first few years of its life.  It's in pretty good original
condition inside and out, has dealer installed air conditioning which works
well, is a reliable driver and just needs a good home.  The only modification
is an SU HIF6 carb which replaced the troublesome original Zenith-Stromberg
carb.  Her asking price will be about $3000.  Please contact me for details if
you're curious.  I have no financial interest in this car...I just don't want
to see another cherished British beauty just rot away somewhere.
Jack Brashear
Little Rock, Arkansas

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