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Re: Can't stand the heat . . . ?

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Subject: Re: Can't stand the heat . . . ?
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 17:51:51 -0400
I confess that I didn't look too hard, but the one that I found at AH Spares
 was about $100 cdn. and it is a MkI.  My intention is to adapt it to fit my
 car with 1.5" carbs and a header.  The standard shape does not fit.  I may
 end up using it for a template.  But I won't feel guilty about whatever I
 to it.  : )

 Robert D.

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 > Robert,
 > The problem with these heat shields is how brittle they become around the
 > carb mounting points. Many of them are cracked in the shape of the carb
 > flange, and are pretty tough to fix, especially when new ones are
 > from AH Spares at a reasonable price. BTDT, but YMMV.......
 > Doug Ingram
 > Victoria BC
 > 1958 Sprite  (AN5L/636)
 > 1963 Sprite Mk II project (HAN7L/30003)

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