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Re: Anyone going to Chico, CA....???

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Subject: Re: Anyone going to Chico, CA....???
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 15:38:43 -0700
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Chico 14th annual All British Car Meet.  Sunday June 23.  Registration
begins at 9am,  There is a Silent Auction, swap meet, British food.  Parking
is random for more enjoyable viewing, but much more difficult to vote.
Judging is peoples choice.  Last year about 100 cars, 2 years ago almost
150.  Nice grassy parking area and trees for some shade.  Room for trailers,
alcohol available.  I live here it would be great for as many spridgets to
be represented as possible.  Chico is about 90 miles north of Sacramento on
Hwy. 99.  If you are coming and get lost, or worse, need mechanical
assistance my home phone is 530-899-8235 or cell phone 530-521-1411.  It's
my wife's phone so don't think you have the wrong number if she answers.
David Riker
63 Falcon
70 Torino
74 Midget
77 Midget
98 Accord
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Subject: Anyone going to Chico, CA....???

> Is everyone going to Tahoe, or is anyone planning on going to The All
> British Car show in Chico, CA.....??
> Does anyone have any info. or know where I can get it.....???
> Address, times, events, etc....???
> Thanks.
> Robert.
> 73 Midget.

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