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Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 13:07:04 EDT
Now if you guys check the bid history you will see that I for one thought a 
rust free, straight bodied, running  (1500 with a weber). wire wheeled BRG 
Bugeye wasn't all that bad a car, and was worth $5,000. OK Frank the 100 Amp 
Home Depot circuit breaker panel have to go.
The way this car has been pummled, I must be a minority of one.
These cars sell for alot more, the closer you get to Wall Street. You guys 
remember the ebay Bugeye, that Bob Brown and the Chuckster transported for 
me? I paid $1700 for it on ebay, with transportation costs have about $2100 
into it. Just for the heck it to see how much it was worth I offered it for 
sale. I was offered $3500, but at the last minute got a bad case of seller's 
remorse. Makes a very nice dust collector.
I had no doubt with the car in question that I could have driven it this 
summer, drove it out to the Hampton and sold it through an LBC shop for an 
easy $8,000. Heck that is cigar money for these investment bankers.
I was just out at the Hamptons visiting my daughter, and stoped in this shop. 
This guy had really ratty examples of LBCs. But they all have "cool" racing 
stripes or numbers on them. He was asking (and getting) prices way over their 
value. Basically what happens is some dude buys one for the summer, thrashes 
it and sells in back to the shop in the Fall. You think these guys really 
care if it costs them $3000 to $5000 to have a cool set of wheels for the 
summer? The shop fixes them just enough for the next season.

David Oliner
59,60 Bugeyes
67 TR4A

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