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RE: Hot Weather Fuel Vaporization

To: "'Dave Hiley'" <dhiley@cadvision.com>, "'spridgets@autox.team.net'" <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: RE: Hot Weather Fuel Vaporization
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 09:56:11 -0500

I solved mine by coating the intake manifold with "Temp Coat," a ceramic
coating developed from the space program (or so they say on the can),
distributed by Span-World Distribution, LaPlace, Lousianna, phone:
504-651-2911 (all info taken off the can).  It's been on there a couple of
months now and completely solved the problem...and down here in Alabama, I
definitely had a problem.  The can I used was old and given to me by my
engineer here at the base (was marked $1.95), and since the other two little
cans were completely dried up, I suspect the can that was good had product
that was thicker than originally was the case.  It was kind of gooey and
went on quite thick.  My result after several coats was white and kind of
looked like a leg cast.  New product, fresh in the can, would probably look
better.  However, this stuff works, my problem is gone, even with tube
headers and 95 degree temps outside and very long stop lights.  I got my
clue from my new autographed book I got here on the List, and he mentioned
the fuel vaporizing inside the intake manifold, which explained why my new
custom made heat sheild wasn't doing the job either.  Based on my recent
experience, I'd say he was right.  I originally intended to put this stuff
on my header, but I didn't have nearly enough, so I did the intake manifold
instead, and it has worked out very well.  I don't know the long term
durabilty of this stuff, but so far so good.  I also don't know how easy it
is to get this stuff, or if they still make it, but I figured passing on
what I had learned might be useful to you all.  Now back to my mystery
starting problem which I need some help on....

'74 MG Midget
'90 944S2 Cab

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Subject: Hot Weather Fuel Vaporization

There was a thread running recently about rough running problems when in 
stop and go traffic in hot weather.   I lost all the suggested fixes when 
my old computer departed.   I have the same problem....the headers get hot 
enough to vaporize the fuel in the float bowls.  (At least that is what I 
assume the problem is.   Once you get rolling for a block or two it returns 
to running perfectly)   If anybody has come up with a workable 
fix  i.e.  an additional cooling fan or such like I would appreciate 
knowing what you did.   

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