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Subject: Eek!/racing
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 15:12:45 -0400
thats the way cool thing about vintage racing, i have raced my diminutive
little sprite against some really cool/rare machinery, and have been on/at
the track with some legends, i remember a few years back when Sterling Moss,
borowed some guys car..damn he was smooth. 
i remember racing against some ferrari's, aston martin's and other cars that
you could only find in a museum, and ive been wheel to wheel through turns
with cars i couldnt afford to buy the fender for if i hit them. What a great

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Great!!  I can't imagine anybody actually racing one of those things, I
think they go for something like $500k these days!  It was blindingly fast
once it got up to speed, but it wasn't very nimble, needed lots of

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actually we raced against one At Mid ohio 2 years ago.
we had a Heck of a great race in the rain! i just beat him by a car length.
i'm sure he was faster, but the rain was a great equalizer, and Tinkerbell
held her own. 
R Kansa.

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