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Re: BBQ sauces (was: Texas v. Philadelphia)

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Subject: Re: BBQ sauces (was: Texas v. Philadelphia)
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 06:39:31 -0400
Matt Lawrence wrote:
>Everyone with any gastronomical sense KNOWS that
>Bar-B-Que 1) is made from pork, 2) and comes with three types of sauces a)
>vinegar based from western NorthCarolina, b) tomato based from eastern NC &
>Jawja or c) mustard based from South Carolina and finally 3) it aint from

If a damn (Boston) Yankee can add his 2 centavos, I visited
my fiancee's family down in South Carolina last year.  They
served some ribs for which I would gladly clog my arteries.
The secret they swear by (well, they wouldn't swear 'cuz
they's bible toting Baptists) -- the vinegar based sauce.
Turned out to be Carolina Treet (yes, double 'e'). Mmmm,
Mmmm, good.

No affiliation, just a happy customer,
'56 100 BN-2

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