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what to do..what to do..?

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Subject: what to do..what to do..?
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 08:33:40 -0400
ok, i might need some help on this one.
if anyones intrersted.. the HEIDI affair is now active..

i just got done looking at a (62?) sprite old ex GP car
and a ( 62?) Midget, and 4 rib tranny's 1 smooth, and 4 1098 engines, and 1
1275 block and 3 front fenders, and 3 radiators, and 3 rear end assy.
and....boxs of carbs, and a couple blocks, who knows what under the other
junk..and the normal spridget stuff..+ a new 8hp BIG compressor 

the ex racing sprite,  is in reasonable if not doable shape, hasnt been run
since? but comes with its own little trailer.. i hope to aquire it.+ a
couple engines and tranny's it all rough but deffinitly redoable. so this
ones mine..

the stock midget is real rough, but still Very rebuildable. no engine but
theres several around so..? 
i dont want it, but it could go to a safe home.. needs outside rockers and
doglegs,complete rebuild but has been stored inside.(fwiw) 

this stuff all resides in Akron, and needs IMMEDIATE sale. the poor old
ex-tattoo artist (hedi) has gotten a divorce and She needs 2000$ as soon as
possible, she wont sell for less.(and shes about as rough as the cars) 
my best guess is the stuff is all worth,, all put together ,, about exactly
1,999.99$( - compressor)
the ex race car and trailer are worth about 800, (trailer will go for sale)
or so, the midget about 400. the parts are worth the rest or so...i think
its all there to build 2+ cars - the normal rubber stuff and normal "ya
gotta replace it) stuff
please let me know if anyones intrested, i dont have the chunk of change to
buy it ALL then resell it,((unless someone is REAL intrested!)) but ive got
first dibs before she sells it all to the skanky kid down the road..

anyone ??

R Kansa/RCCSA 
Akron Ohio  

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