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Rock hard clutch pedal FIXED

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Subject: Rock hard clutch pedal FIXED
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 17:41:55 -0400

I want to thank all the guys who responded to my post 2 weekago regarding the
rock hard clutch pedal.

I ended up pulling the engine, and sure enough the $20.00 N.O.S. clutch disc I
picked at a swap meet was way too thick. I put the engine back in, hooked the
slave cylinder all was fine.
The only problem was, I had taken the tail section off the transmission to
replace a leaking gasket, when  the engine out.
The last thing to be hooked up after I put the engine in, the rad in, the hood
bolted etc, was the stick shift.
Well the control lever missed the selector lever when I was putting the tranny
back together.

So back down to the rental store, to rent an engine crane,
I'm getting to old to lift the engine out with 2- 2x4 nailed together, and a
buddy to help.

Out with the engine, a 2 minute fix, and put the engine back in. I had it
running shortly after.

Greg Higgins

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