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74 Midget!

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Subject: 74 Midget!
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 12:50:26 -0500
Towbarred the Midget home this morning (did NOT disconnect driveshaft) since
my plan to drive it home yesterday kinda fell apart. Got several boxes of
parts thrown in on the deal, also. Some junk, some not. Got a spare throttle
cable put on and it drives pretty good but the old weather checked/cracked
tires are mighty scary looking so I didn't go far. It's way too hot to
change a tire or walk very far. I haven't really looked it over very closely
yet, but I did find some zip cord and wire nuts running to an unknown
electronic ignition set-up.

Oh, yeah, anybody want to trade a real nice tonneau cover WITH roll-bar
holes that I found in the boot for one without holes? Car doesn't have a
roll-bar, doesn't appear to have ever had one, "why ask why" I guess.

Jim K.
74 RWA Midget still can't see any rust

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