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Re: Note: no lbc.

To: "Kansa, Robert" <KansaR@diebold.com>
Subject: Re: Note: no lbc.
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 17:01:57 -0400
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We recommend this to our clients and even have a page about it on our website.

The average expense for Ordinance & Law related items on a homeowners claim is
$5,000. It is seldom offered and is misunderstood by many agents and company
people. But the public is seldom interested in optional insurance coverages, so
most people reject this coverage as unnecessary.

By the way, O&L Coverage is purchased in amounts per thousand and also protects
the homeowner should the building inspector require that the undamaged portion 
the building be razed and rebuilt. So it really is necessary for a property 
to include an amount equal to the costs of demolition and rebuilding of any
undamaged part of the house which could be in the tens or even into the hundreds
of thousands depending upon the structure and the building demolition ordinance
in your particular community.

There are many optional coverages that people don't purchase. Many people err
right off the bat by refusing to insure a structure for it's full cost of
reconstruction. (Ask Frank what the retail cost per square foot is for
residential building.)

The inside joke in our business is so true: No one wants to spend the few extra
dollars for proper coverage before a loss occurs, but AFTER the loss occurs,
everyone says that they would have spent whatever the premium is for the extra

Jay Fishbein
Independent Insurance Agent
Wallingford, CT

"Kansa, Robert" wrote:

> ok something had to screw things up. reference house fire:
> the electrical inspector condemned the original wiring in the house, meaning
> the WHOLE house must now be rewired. to the additional tune of 4k completely
> out of pocket.. which means probably no racing this year..
> but if only... we would've had something called "ordinance of law "
> insurance (ever hear of it we never did!) it would be covered. but as it was
> our just this year new improved updated insurance policy wont cover the
> additional wiring. we were never told of its existence . the adjuster said
> it was surprising how few people have it.. well maybe because nobody knows
> about it!!
> thanks nationwide..for being on our side.  =(
> r kansa... check those policies folks.. especially us with older homes.

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