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Re: Carb Question

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Subject: Re: Carb Question
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 17:38:44 -0700

Have you checked your float levels (and for sediment in the bottom of the
bowl)? Check your throttle shafts for leakage with some WD40. Do your
pistons drop with a solid "thunk" when the engine is off? (no, I don't mean
on the ground... no not those pistons!)<G> If they don't, either your jet
isn't centered or the pistons and the inside of the bells need some
spiffing up. After that, do you have both butterflies opening at the
exactly the same time (synchronized)?


At 7:35 PM -0500 6/27/02, Brad Fornal wrote:
>I have the 65 running, kinda...........
>When it idles, it idles rough, but smoothes out when I put the bottle of
>gas in front of the front carb and allow it to draw gas out of the top.
>The front carb has more vacuum draw than the rear carb, but won't pull
>gas up jet. I took the jet loose and let it hang, and it dripped gas, so
>it isn't plugged. I moved the front piston and needle to the rear and
>vice versa, but no change. What now?!?!?!

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