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Wood Grain LBC's?

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Subject: Wood Grain LBC's?
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 01:11:49 -0400
I've aquired a rather large roll of automotive vinyl woodgrain material. The
material is 48" tall with the woodgraining running horozontally. It's a medium
brown (Walnut?).  I'd think it could be cut in half to a 24" height and could
be used to recover any ailing woodgrain you might have.  My roll weighs about
200 lbs. and has to be hundreds of feet long.

So, if any lister could use some, I'd be happy to ship you enough to do a car
for the cost of shipping it to you. Then I'll offer it up on eBay.

Let me know
George Procyshyn
'58 AN5 (Not woodgrained)

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