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Road Trip is ON!!!

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Subject: Road Trip is ON!!!
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 00:02:15 -0400
Organization: Prodigy Internet
Well, I'm happy tonight! The possible strike that would have interrupted my
plans to go get the 78 over the 4th of July weekend has been averted. The
contract has been extended until July 5th.

Hopefully I'll be leaving Cincinnati on the morning of the 4th and going to
Nashville to spend the night visiting an old friend. Next morning, head to
Atlanta. Trying to line up a free trailer here but if that doesn't work I'll
borrow John's in TN.

Got room in the car if anybody along the way wants to ride along. If you
happen to be on the route and just want to say Hi, that's worth stopping for
too. From Nashville I'll be taking I-24 So. down to Chattanooga where I hope
to find I-75 So. I'll follow that to the other side of Atlanta where I'll be
looking for Hwy 36 to eventually get me to Yatesville, GA.

I'll have an empty trailer on the way down, maybe from Cinn. but definately
from Nashville to Atlanta if anybody needs something hauled that way.

So far, I am looking forward to at least meeting up with Mike Thompson in the
Atlanta area.

This is the car that Adrian Barnes forwarded to the list a while back.


1960 Bugeye
1978 Midget (soon)

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