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Bugeye (and later Sprite?) parts for sale in San Diego

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Subject: Bugeye (and later Sprite?) parts for sale in San Diego
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 10:39:20 -0700

I am getting ready for a possible move... so I cleared my shed this
morning... and I found a lot of Sprite parts, which I am not keen on taking
with me - please note I don't know what is genuine Bugeye and what is not
(meaning from later car)... My point is that if you are interested in any of
the parts, you'll just have to come to my place and check them out- sorry
about those who live too far away!  Some parts I might just give away (for
example, a damaged but useable three branch manifold), others I'll
definitely want cash for (new racing parts for example). Just come over and
make me an offer!

Three cylinder heads: 12 G 1316, 12 G 295, 12 A 185

Three engine blocks- 12 G, 2 A (?), 9 GC- the 9 GC is a complete short block
with pistons, crankshaft, sump, etc. the other two are bare. I also have a
few crankshafts, camshafts, flywheels and engine to transmission plates.

Bugeye grill, two headlight assemblies complete, two headlights assemblies
without the glass, full set of Smith instruments (Speedo, tach, oil
pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, fuel, amps), wiring loom (the
ignition key is still in the ignition), two voltage regulators, three
distributors, one dynamo, starter motor, wipers, wiper motor, windscreen
frame, complete windscreen with full length racing "Wink" mirror, fiberglass
hardtop, fiberglass bonnet, box of carbs and manifolds, air filter housings,
two side screens, stays for soft top in case, ribbed cage transmission
(complete), boxes of transmission gears, boxes of new and used valves,
rockers, etc... two propshafts, four halfshafts (labeled left and right),
axle housing with halfshafts, steering rack, oil filter (not spin-on), wiper
motor, three pedal box assemblies, hand brake, new racing deep oil sump with
two (?) pick-up tubes, new roller rocker assembly, two welded diffs (I have
not checked the ratios), four lever dampers (shock absorbers), "A"
suspension arms (at least four), one painted rocker cover, one chromed
rocker cover... and I still have a couple of boxes I have not opened!

Jacques Le Clainche
Cell: (619) 647-6454
Fax: (619) 443-1239
E-mail: jleclainche@cox.net

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