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Coil Question FILETIME=[C7A79580:01C2204B]

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Subject: Coil Question FILETIME=[C7A79580:01C2204B]
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 10:39:18 -0500
I have been running an old Lucas coil on the 68,  but when it rains, it
stops working. I don't often drive in the rain, I only get caught out in
it, so I attributed the previous failure to hitting a puddle of water.
This time, in a slight sprinkling, I was fortunate enough to have
coasted under our only overpass and was in a dry environment to assess
the issues at hand. First issue was a weak spark, so a tweak to the
points (block was slightly worn) and good hot consistent spark was
quickly attained. Still wouldn't spark at the plugs, so go to the house
and get the cap and rotor off the Midget, still nothing. Put another
coil on it and it started right up!! Any ideas as to the freaky (besides
the expected "Lucas" comments, Pilot Rob!!) nature of this beast??

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