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Re: Advice needed - NO LBC (Long Winded)

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Subject: Re: Advice needed - NO LBC (Long Winded)
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 22:25:21 -0700 (PDT)
For true telephone clarity in a phone call you need a telephone, get a cell 
phone.  In my job as a Information Technogy Specialist I have had much 
experience with communications over the internet including voice, video, and 
video streaming technology.  I have had much luck in setting up voice 
communication over the internet using products such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo 
Messenger, MSN Net meeting and other 3rd party software and hardware codecs.  
It is possible with Bandwidth (connection speeds) as low as 28.8kbs. All 
parties involved in the conference will need a computer with connection to the 
internet. I would suggest a headset microhone and to turn off the speakers to 
eliminate feed back. Of course the larger the bandwidth you have available the 
better sound and video you will acheive.  Many colleges now have access to full 
time networked intranet,and internet connections on T-1 communication lines.  
Most of these "connected" colleges also have network connections available in 
the dorm rooms.  If you are sending a child, or yourself off to college you 
will most likely need to spend some major money on a laptop or desktop computer 
with 10/100 networked card installed.  Now as was asked about using the 
internet for long distance calls: At least one person (the call originator) 
will need a computer with software installed.  This person while logged in on 
the internet would call the recipient who upon answering their phone would hear 
a strained sound of a framiliar voice coming from the reciever.  If both 
parties try to speak at once the conversation gets chopped up terribly.  It is 
sort of like using the old ship to shore radio phones, or an old Heath Kit HAM 
radio set-up.  For my money I would go all out and buy the kid a fast top of 
the line laptop (with insurance) a cell phone, and a rechargeable phone card 
from Wal-Mart ($0.06) a minute.   
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