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lbc story..part 3... The return of the white trash..

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Subject: lbc story..part 3... The return of the white trash..
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 08:24:20 -0400
ok so there we were..

the cops finally arrived and asked me to come back to talk to Heidi with
We all agreed that she would be a perfect commercial for keeping kids off
so basically, on this second trip, we came home with a rebuildable, ex GP
yellow 62 sprite, unfortunately with no title,(did it really ever have one?)
its trailer, a 1275 and 1098. fortunately we had harvested some various
parts on the first trip (trannies block, etc) . 
what we will do is get a hold of the company/real estate, that is
foreclosing her house and tell them before they take the rest of the stuff
to the scrap yards for recycling, to get hold of us.
basically the moment i gave her the money, she told me her husband stole the
title, and I was not to take any of the engines or other parts but just the

to give you the highlights.. her language was as colorful as her full body
she tried to threaten us with "cujo" her dog. (who I think was on drugs
its the first time ive ever heard Mary or Lena call anyone....well. I wont
go there..
the cop almost laughed at her as she was lying.."he didn't give me any
money!!, so just have him take away the car!!!..
the calmer I was, the more pissed off she got..  
she told the cop she would sign a bill of sale, then told him 5 min later
she wouldn't.
Mary took pictures as I was cutting the lock off the garage door..
she tried to have a seizure in front of us but she failed. 

so still sitting at her house is a white 6? midget 2 engine blocks 2
trannies 4 rear ends, several heads/rocker assy. 2 radiators, dashboards..
yada yada.. too bad.
but at least we saved another LBC from the smelter.. 

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