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Subject: Paris (Not LBC) PLEASE READ
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 08:48:44 -0400
Hope I am not out of line with this, but I lived in Europe for 5 years and
this is my funny Paris story.  I have funny stories for everywhere in Europe
(matter of fact I have one on the internet under www.southernpride.com - in a
back issue, called "Southerners Lost in the Alps", in case you have time to go
in and read it.)

Here goes with the Paris story.  We went there with the Mannheim International
Ski club for an outing.  The last night we were there, (we were there 7 days)
we went to this really neat off the track so to speak, restaurant where the
proprieter was very French and got out his accordian and serenaded one of the
little blonde gals with the Ski Club  that he had fallen madly in love with.
He was an old guy with a pot belly, could not sing or play the accordian, but
sang to this gal in French and it was really neat.  Then, he asked her to
dance with him and one of the waiters played the accordian.  When we were all
ready to leave, he told us he had just purchased an American Cadillac and it
was just delivered that day!  He said his wife had not even driven it yet but
it was parked right outside the restaurant and he wanted this little blonde
gal to be the first to drive it.  She tried her best to turn him down but our
"guide" told her she should do it - this was Paris!  She got in and he got
into the passenger side and put his arm back over the seat with his hand on
her shoulder.  It was a gorgeous white Cadillac convertible!  Anyhow, they
left and were gone for quite awhile and then they came back down the street.
Well, in the meantime cars had parked there, so there wasn't much space left
for his Cadillac, but he insisted she try to park it.  She got it in fairly
close to the curb, and opened her door to get out.  A Citron came flying
around the corner, tore off the door and it went spinning down the street and
the Citron just kept going.  That girl jumped out of that Cadillac and we all
headed for the bus and the old guy was standing on the curb wringing his hands
and tears were running down his face.  I guess he knew what his wife was going
to do to him!  (she was in the restaurant kitchen)

Anyhow, we got the heck out of there and were hysterical with laughter all the
way back to our hotel!

Just a little humor for you this morning.  If you have a chance to read my
Alps story, let me know how you like it too.

Bev Cleary

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