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Re: a photo of my car on ebay

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Subject: Re: a photo of my car on ebay
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 12:01:13 -0700
References: <OFEC0208E0.C4029E5D-ON88256BE9.00654CDB@anixter.com>
Item # 1839108030

...and check out the 13 other screesavers with audio he's selling...!



At 2:48 PM -0400 7/1/02, type79@ix.netcom.com wrote:
>Not a bad idea and probably the best solution.
>A similar thing happened on ebay a few years ago. One seller was listing
>catalogues scanned and copied to CDR. When another seller started doing
>the same
>thing, the first guy went ballistic. But I doubt that either one was paying
>royalties to the companies whose catalogues they were copying, which were
>in business.
>What is the auction number everyone is discussing anyway?
>jay f
>Robert.Haigney@anixter.com wrote:
>> Maybe you should copy his screensaver program and start selling it on e-bay
>> and see how he likes it....!!!

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