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new addition to the family

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Subject: new addition to the family
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 16:28:02 -0500
Organization: Team Thicko
Hey y'all,

Nope... no more children...while there seems to be many opportunities to
spread the demon seed, the demon seed is far less potent since being "fixed"
13 years ago.

Nope, not another dog... the 4 (yes... he said 4)  90 lbs+ pooches I have
are enough for now thank you (all shelter refugees).

What did I need more than JFK needed a hole in the head? Why...  another
Sprite of course. I struck a deal with Canadian Thicko Daniel Thompson and
bought his 21,000 original miles MKIII.

The lovely Veronica and I invaded the north border with a speed run up to
Mosport and back (24 hours of driving in 36 hours will whip your ass). I
trailered the car home. The car has an interesting story (Daniel, please
insert any corrections, revisions, insults, or threatened lawsuits here...).

Apparently a Canadian Spridget racer had bought a bunchof car to use as
spares or 'cores". He cataloged then as they were disassembled, and the
parts, tubs and all, were stored in the basement of a duplex. This
particulat car, (original paint and all) was stored on its side under wood
pile or work bench... something like that. That storage method accounts for
some of the small dents and scratches... but still a very presentable car.

Later on, the racer lost interest in racing, and the stuff just sat. After
he passed away, Daniel bought this car, got the parts and reassembled it...
a really sweet 21,000 mile car. It has a 10CC 1098 that's smooth as silk,
and a tidy shifting ribcase box. The car goes down the road straight and
tight.... Daniel described it like driving a 2 year old Sprite... and he was

The car has wire wheels, and once had what looks like an Amco luggage rack
on it. (I just happen to have one of those on the shelf...) I intend to keep
this one strictly stock, as I have the "SOS" MK III Sprite as a well moified
street car too.

One thing I noticed is the tach's showing 3000 RPM at 55 mph, which seems
low to me. Tires are 145/80-13. Maybe it has a 3.9 in it? Or the tach is
slackin' a bit. Anyone else with a 1098 and that tire size know what your 55
mph RPM's are?

I'll have this car at Road America, along with the SOS, the Bishop, Redrum,
and maybe my BN6 100-6 for the Healey clebration this fall.


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