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Subject: Re: [midgetsprite] Re: Airline rant...no LBC
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2003 16:33:12 EST
In a message dated 04/03/2003 10:22:19 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
pixelsmith@gerardsgarage.com writes:

> So, Northwest will even steal from the dead. That about the lowest I've
> ever heard.
> Gerard

Unbelievable, but then, believable too.  Some folks complain about Southwest, 
with the two biggest complaints being no reseved seats, and no food.

Well, if you are among the first 45 passengers to check in at the airport, 
you are going to be in the first group to board.  I consistently get a better 
seat on Southwest than on any airline I can "reserve" one on.

As for the no food, check the airlines schedules and see how many, or how 
few, flights there are during the lunch or dinner hours.  That's when you 
always make your connections or lay over.  And even if they do feed you, who 
wants what they have?

I'll take the peanuts and pretzels from SWA and bring my own sandwich.

Robert Houston
"For Americans war is almost all of the time a nuisance, and military skill 
is a luxury like Mah-Jongg. But when the issue is brought home to them, war 
becomes as important, for the necessary period, as business or sport. And it 
is hard to decide which is likely to be the more ominous for the Axis -- an 
American decision that this is sport, or that it is business." 
-<A HREF="http://www.quoteland.com/author.asp?AUTHOR_ID=515";>D. W. Brogan</A>,  

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