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To: dovco@bellsouth.net (Derf)
Subject: RE: Re[2]: NO LBC !DELETE! Political Rant. You've been warned. 23:12:05 -0600
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 00:00:59 -0500 (EST)
Cc: pythias@pacifier.com ('Bill L'), spridgets@autox.team.net
Agreed, Derf...

"had they only honored their agreements"
is absolutely correct. Bush did not include
North Korea and others in his post 9/11
"axis of evil" speech for the helluva it.

"Our big mistake".....for sure but, in this
respect, the present war is nothing more
than a continuation of the last one, in
view of the foregoing on honoring agreements. Saddam's regime fairly had
their chance over many, many years.
Anyone that states he wasn't given a fair
chance to keep his agreement(s) in
accordance with UN resolutions has his
head in the sand, obviously.

In this respect, he "misjudged". His error
was basically tantomount to me forgetting
to lower the landing gear. You cannot make such errors.....he's through.

There are some other things...I am hoping
our hoped to be successful military move
against Saddam's regime will give "pause"
to the rest of those in the neighborhood
who finance and otherwise support
terrorism as a legitimate means to a
potlitical/religious end. Vietnam really made us look really bad in a
lot of ways 
and Carter's faillure to get hostages out
of Iran without bribes made us look even
worse. Clinton's response (or lack of it)
for "their" attempt to take down the WTC
in '93 really sealed our doom for a "strike".

This is as much our fault as their's in 
this respect. We had plenty of warning.
Clinton and his boys will go down in
history as one of this country's more
irresponsible administrations. Bush and
his boys just inherited the problem. This
should have been attended to in '93 or
shortly thereafter.

We helped to rebuild Germany and Japan
after WW2. We should do it again with
Iraq and turn it into the economic
mecca and jewel of the Middle East of
the future and not let the UN or France,
Germany or Russia (along with others)
screw this up for them, us and/or the rest of the world.   

And while we honor our agreements
with Israel, a military presence over there
while we look for a fair way to resolve
the Israeli/Palestinain process is a smart
idea. No matter what has come before,
the Palestinians MUST have a place they
can call "home" as in a place of their own.

And I don't mean piecemeal scattered
around Israel. I mean their own little
"corner" of the planet.  

Also, getting close enough to "your enemy" (or would be enemies) to hold
.45 against their heads (in the event) is
also smart thinking. Being "far away" in
these circumstances until the Israeli/
Palestinian and "kill all infidels" and
"convert all to Allah" situations are
resolved is not, IMHO, the way to go.

Iraqi oil for liberation, considering we 
need "one" and they need the "other"...is a
"win/win" situation if there ever was one.
They have an abundant natural resource
to pay for their own liberation. No reason
why they should not pay back their liberators for their freedom and
shot at it".

On the other hand, we will have North
Korea to deal with as well. Continually
having to buy them off as a long term
solution by threat at being at the wrong end of a missle doesn't sound
like the way to go. Rewarding a spoiled kid who
contiually misbehaves in the name of
"more" is just looking for trouble down-
line, obviously......
and.....they do not keep their agreements
in any case and this fact says it all.

Interesting times these may be, but I'll
be ready to go when my time comes
naturally. Compared to the way things
were when I grew up, "quality of life"
both here and abroad has gone to hell
in a handbasket. Sure it could be worse,
but I lived through a time when it was
a helluvalot better, IMHO.

The foregoing having been said, I am
forever thankful I was born over here!!

Sure we have our faults and are problems
but man, God Bless America, for sure! :)

Cap'n. Bob 
     '60 :{)

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