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RE: Tracing My B-E Roots

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Subject: RE: Tracing My B-E Roots
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 19:53:36 -0700
If your DMV does not keep better records than the one in CA, you won't get
much from them- they only go back three years, and all the CA DMV gave me
was the name of the previous owner and the date he last registered the car,
that's it... I knew more than that, as I obviously knew the address and the
phone number of the seller!

You got the Heritage Trust certificate, which I did too for my Bugeye.

If the car was raced with SCCA and you know the names of the driver(s), try
Pete Hylton, SCCA Archivist... It will cost you $25 per driver, but might
get you at least a partial racing history of your car. I have the name of
two drivers from the 60's for my Bugeye, and I am waiting for the results-
sent a letter to Pete Hylton about three weeks ago.... Worth a try?

I sent various emails and letters to clubs where I think my Bugeye was
raced, but got nowhere... No one in the local AH club knew the car... I
don't have old racing log books for that car, unfortunately, and the roll
bar, which could have had a number stamped on by the SCCA (they started in
1971, I think) was sold when the car was registered for the street... I was
lucky enough to find an old (as long-standing!)local SCCA officer who has
known the car, and she found quite a bit of racing information from old SCCA
San Diego region newsletter covering the years 1968 to 1971... that's the
only documentation I have been able to get so far.

I wish you luck.


Jerry wrote: Looking for some ideas on getting the history on my B-eye.
Here's what I know...Got Hertiage Certificate...was delivered '60 to San
Francisco...OE white...got all the numbers...sometime between then and 1974
it got to Minnesota and was a race car...I have photos and even a pic with
old MN license plate from 1974. At that time it was dark blue, large circles
with number 49 in it. ..pretty well beat up..Car then made it Alabama...sat
there...sold to another fella in AL.  who restored it completely
ground-up...that is who I got it from.  I have a few queries out...any help
or direction will be greatly appreciated

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