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Re: Rollbar fabrication

To: "bill b." <w_burrell@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Rollbar fabrication
Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 00:22:10 -0400
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If you're near the right coast, you might try these guys.
A buddy bought a cage kit from them for his Shelby Dodge Charger and it 
fit perfect the first try. The quality is high and they seem reasonable.

Spirte Spree '03..... BE THERE....BE THERE....Be There.....

Dave & Bobbie
1960 AH3000 "Healey Bits"
1960 Bugeye "Little Bits" (See link below)

bill b. wrote:

>RE:  the 180 degree bends
>>are near impossible to do
>>with any tubing of proper gauge to be of any
>>assistance in case of a roll
>>over.  now!  if ya want a cosmetic thing 
>Charles Christ
>This is good to know. I don't have any body parts
>(especially brain cells) to spare. I'll check your
>site. The VB and Moss and LBC offerings are beginning
>to look attractive.
>thanks, bill b.

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