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Re: Craftsman Tool Question

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Subject: Re: Craftsman Tool Question
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 10:33:11 EST
In a message dated 01/14/2004 4:41:11 AM Mountain Standard Time,
cfchrist@earthlink.net writes:
or do you have a sears service center near you
where you can physically go there and look at the listings they have for any
still available parts?

Just a note about Sears Service Centers....There is one here that I sometimes
frequent.  When my Craftsman reciprocating saw that I bought on sale for $80
quit working, (must have been all that angle iron I cut) I took it to the
service center for repair.  The lady said there is a "standard charge for all
repairs to reciprocating saws of ...(guess how much?) $80."

She then said they had some "reconditioned" saws for $69!  I bought a heavy
duty replacement for $69...took my old one home and opened it up to find a
loose wire...so now I hve two.

She let me look through a bin in the back of the store where they piled the
"reconditioned" tools....I also picked up a 2 7/8 HP skilsaw for $39.00!

Cool place the Service Center.

Robert Houston

"Storytelling and copulation are the two chief forms of amusement in the
South. Theybre inexpensive and easy to procure."
Robert Penn Warren

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