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Re: larger alternator

To: "Geoff Branch" <gjbranch@comcast.net>, "Spidgets" <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: larger alternator
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 15:11:18 -0600
A very common conversion is to use a Bosch alternator that fits Ford 
Fiestas. They are 55 amps. The plug and mount are identical. Good import 
rebuilders offer them as an option.
         One I recommend (and use) is Precision Parts and Remanufacturing. 
www.ppr-ok.com  They may list only the Midget by application. They're 
supplying the alternators without pulleys, but sell them separately. You 
can't use the Lucas pulley and fan on the Bosch.
         The other swaps are to various Japanese vehicles, and all require 
some bracket fiddling.
         Hope this helps.
         Peter C.

At 02:38 PM 1/21/2004, Geoff Branch wrote:
>My Mini has the Lucas 16ACR alternator (Same as on a Spridget, 34A) in it and
>with the addition of a lot of lamps it can't keep up.  Lucas 11AC seems to be
>the same size, with 43A output.
>I know alternator swaps have been discussed, but the archives don't seem to
>have anything on outputs of various transplantable models.  Does anyone have
>any specifics?
>Geoff Branch
>'74 Meejit "Yellow Peril"
>'72 Innocenti 1300 Mini

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