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Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 05:38:09 -0800
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As others have mentioned, there are a few:
A Haynes and/or Chiltons shop manual is a good start. Complementary is
the Bentley reprint of the original factory shop manual. For early cars
like yours, it also contains the driver manual. (i.e owners manual).
For tuning, David Vizard's "Tuning the BMC A-series engine" is a must. I
don't own this one, as I have a 1500...
For restoration, esp. if you want to keep things original, a reprint of
Terry Horler's "Original Sprite and Midget" is a must. It's quite a
fascinating read, even if you're not staying original.
Most of these are available through Moss Motors, or one of their many
resellers (some of whom are on the list - say Hi, guys), or Amazon or
Barnes and Nobel, etc. They pop up on ebay from time to time too.
Horler is a good one to get, as no one is sure how long the latest
printing run will last. Anyone remember the $100+ Horler auctions on
ebay? ;)

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I am new to car restoration. I was given a car by my father in law that 
has just been collecting dust, but covered. It is a 1966 AH Sprite, 1098
motor it seems. A nice guy on the list suggested that I get the Porter 
book and I did. I was just wondering if any of you guys when new to this
found other books to be a needed asset. I will need some reference 
material since all of this is new to me. 

Also, does anyone have experience with the rivergate 5 speed conversion 

Thanks for your input, 

W. Lanier 

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