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Re: Anyone ever use an Amprobe?

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Subject: Re: Anyone ever use an Amprobe?
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 19:31:12 -0600
 Also you wont need a battery to read amps, only when
 you go to read ohms

 Place the probe around the HOT wire, thats the wire on the right
 when you face the outlet. Before that turn the tester
 to read amp's not volts

Hey all,


Once upon a time, my father taught me how to use his Amprobe.  He's long
gone, but I still have his Amprobe.  I'd like to test the amperage of a
towel warmer we bought.  I separated the two wires, and placed the Amprobe
hook around one of them, but I don't get a reading.  I also couldn't find a
place for a battery.  


Anyone know how to use this thing?  





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