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NO LBC - Miss me??

To: Spridgets <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: NO LBC - Miss me??
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 16:06:31 -0500
I have been behind in my reading and posting lately. I just looked and 
I have over 1000 emails from youse guys since Jan 14.

We have been in the process of moving for the last couple weeks and I 
just haven't had time. This move has been a nightmare. We were renting 
and decided to buy a nice new modular. That was back in Oct. We were 
supposed to be in on Dec 1. Well here it is Feb 3 and we are now sorta 
in, but not really. There has been a bunch of problems in getting this 
house set up. Starting with a nosey neighbor and ending in a fight 
between the township inspectors and the dealer. In the mean time 
Theresa and I are out of our grand old rented farmhouse, but not 
allowed to live in our brandy assed new modular. In a nice calm 
peaceful setting in Spring City PA.

Well now I can perform brain surgery because we are staying in a 
Holiday Inn Express!! A few more days and I will be able to be anything 
my heart desires ;-)

Now there are a couple bureaucrats and a dealership that I would like 
to send to, ohhh perhaps Afghanistan!!!

Well we hope to get this sorted out eventually. Then it'll be PARTY 


Larry B. Macy, Ph.D.
System Administrator/Manager
Neuropsychiatry Section
Department of Psychiatry
University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce St. - 1015 Gates
Philadelphia, PA 19104

  I have great faith in fools - my friends call it self-confidence.
  - Edgar Allen Poe

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