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Re: Reply all, no LBC

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Subject: Re: Reply all, no LBC
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 22:55:36 -0600
 Maybe and maybe not.
 All i can say is that i, dont know how anyone could ever get
 used to all that snow.
 How about all that shovel work in the morning just to get
 the car out of the drive way.
 Then face icy slick roads that every yr take a huge toll
 on lives and property.
 Guess i would rather face all the drunks on Texas HWY'S

That's 'cuz all us northerners are jealous! ;)

Chris King 

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And all my comments about our nice weather in Texas bring in scathing
off list 

Chris King wrote: 

> I've enjoyed most of the off-topic banter over the winter months. My 
> Midget has been hibernating since it's been nut-freezing cold, 

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