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Chicago Weather

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Subject: Chicago Weather
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 17:28:51 -0600
What lovely weather we had in Chicagoland today!!!
We managed to get the thermometer up over 50F today and no rain.
Everybody else in the house is out at a Girl Scout weekend.

I finally finished the process of converting my Midget to disk wheels and
drove it around the block to celebrate. It was a little loud, since I didn't
bother to put the muffler back on.

Now that I was able to get the cherry-picker out of the back of the garage
where the Midget has been keeping it blocked in, I can start the next
project -- pulling the engine and trans out so that I can put in the
Rivergate driveline. Gotta get that done in time to get the engine broken in
before autox season starts ;-)

Tomorrow I get to get up early and go to the MG Club Swap Meet.

Life is GOOD!!!
David Lieb
1972 Midget

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