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HELP!!! Brake Question, No LBC Content

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Subject: HELP!!! Brake Question, No LBC Content
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 08:35:57 -0500
I am working on a 94 Mercury
Gran Marquis this morning.
IT'S NOT MINE, it belongs to a
friend. I know "Friends don't
let friends drive Fords" but I
digress. <G>
He is having trouble with the
brakes, they are ABS. He had
heard a noise, about 3 weeks
ago, from the front, sorta
like a clunking noise, but
that was it. Then, 2 weeks
later, the brake pedal goes
all the way to the floor,
before they will catch. I
already checked the pads, and
they are good. He had the
master replaced about 2 years
ago. A guy at work suggested
that the brake booster was
out. This morning, I get ready
to remove the booster, and
when I pull of the vacuum
booster line, it hissed. It
seems that it was holding
pressure. My question is,
could the booster hold vacuum
pressure, and still be bad? If
not, any other suggestions on
what the problem could be?

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