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Subject: Re: FASPEC--Stan Huntley
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 09:03:12 -0800 reply-type=original
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Fastest Bugeye in the west....

Larry Miller

> Hi all,
> Last Wednesday, Stan Huntley, founder of Faspec passed away from Colin 
> Cancer.
> Stan was a real fan of British cars of all types.  When I first started 
> doing
> business with him in the late 60's he had a greenhouse full of T series 
> cars.
> Why a greenhouse?  Because he had no other cheap storage space!  He sold 
> used
> parts like a crazy man.  Modified his Morris Minor PU for racing.  Made 
> one of
> the earliest disc brake conversions for it, along with a pioneer Datsun
> adapter kit.
> He founded FASPEC racing and parts store.  Later sold the parts division 
> to
> Jimmy Singmaster.  It still is a going local and regional parts house. 
> Stan
> became involved as a broker of exotic British cars, later doing more than 
> Brit
> cars.
> Stan had recently undergone a complete routine physical and given a clean 
> bill
> of health.  His Dr. suggested there was no reason to undergo a colonoscoby 
> as
> he was in good health.  Less than 6 months later he was diagnosed with 
> colon
> cancer.  He became a genuine crusader of telling all his friends and 
> anyone
> else within earshot, that this is something they should not put off, but 
> have
> this exam and have it now, medical insurance or not.
> Services will be private but his widow Pat says a wake/memorial/party 
> service
> will be held sometime in the future.  If there's anything Stan loved, it 
> was a
> party!   I hope I get invited, 'cause it's sure going to be a good one!!
> Good bye, Stan.  You were a great character.

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