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Big Healey owners

To: "'Brad Fornal'" <toyman@digitex.net>
Subject: Big Healey owners
Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 13:07:39 -0800
Cc: <spridgets@autox.team.net>
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Brad, The only "big" Healey owners that ever looked down at my Sprite were
checking it out at their show at the lake some years past.  I had driven up
to Tahoe to look at the cars.  As I was parking in the hotel lot I was
informed that I couldn't park there and I had to drive my car around the
corner. Usually that would mean I'd pull my .45 and do a drive-by, but as I
was still serving my 3 months probation for killing a goat-roping Texan who
insisted on calling our great state Knee-Vada, I let it go.  Good thing too
because they were directing me to park on the green with all their show cars
that they had paid big bucks to enter.  I explained the car wasn't "in the
show", but they said it was a Healey and belonged with the rest.  I had a
great time checking out the cars and chatting with the guys.  There are
A**holes in every group, just don't call me one to my face!
Ps the 914-6 was the fastest production car Porsche ever made.

 But our beloved little Sprite, is looked upon by many (not all)
big Healey owners, in much the same fashion as the 914 is looked at by the
Porsche crowd. Both were economical versions of the marque, and as such,
the "poor" into the ownership circle.

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