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RE: [FOT] torquing a Spitfire crank nut

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Subject: RE: [FOT] torquing a Spitfire crank nut
From: "Brad Kahler" <brad.kahler@141.com>
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2006 21:04:41 -0600
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Well it appears the majority say to pull the starter and trap the 
flywheel.  I was hoping to not have to remove anything but this method is 
a darn sight better than removing the engine!

While at Mosport in 2003 we had much the same situation and tried reverse 
gear with someone stomping on the brake pedal to no avail.  Some 
suggested to put a wrench on the flywheel and I would if the engine and 
tranny weren't in the car.  I'm just doing some cam work and didn't want 
to pull the entire engine.  

Thanks to all who replied, nice to know there is so much help out there 
when needed!


On 3 Mar 2006 at 18:51, Joe Curry wrote:

> Brad,
> If you remove the starter, you can expose the flywheel gear and wedge
> something in there to keep the crank from turning.
> Joe C.
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> Subject: [FOT] torquing a Spitfire crank nut
> Amici,
> I'm looking for different ideas on how to torque the crank nut on Susan's 
> Spitfire with the engine already in the car.  When the engine is on the 
> stand I just use a block of wood to keep the crank from rotating, simple 
> and easy.  But when the engine is in the car there is no way to keep the 
> crank from turning.  
> The only method I have used before was a chain type vice grip.  It worked 
> but chewed the crank pulley, not the most desirable end result.
> So, anyone got any tricks of the trade that will work for me?!
> Thanks,
> Brad
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