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Exactly.  It's the section of the head casting that is in the way.  Which is
exacerbated by the RHD steering shaft.  The only way to get more clearance
for the generator, or soon to be mini-alternator, would be to add a couple
of u-joints to the steering shaft.  Which would actually make it safer in
the event of a straight-in crash.  But, add complications.  You can get an
idea of what I'm up against if you go to the Turner Web site (
http://www.turnersportscars.co.uk/ )  The look for 30/206 under "Photos by
Chassis Number."  The second photo shows the engine compartment before the
new radiator install.
The "cap" part of the housing is easily swung around for clearance, or in
the case of my Turner to align with the "plumber's nightmare" of hoses
to/from the radiator.

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I think that Norm means the thermost housing section on the head casting
Weslake-Monza 1330
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I think that there are alternative thermostat housings (like the one that
came on the '67 1275) that allow you to use the bigger pully without having
clearance problems.

Clay L.
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