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Re: [Spridgets] Pertonix vs. Points Vice 123 System

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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Pertonix vs. Points Vice 123 System
From: "Dean Hedin" <dlh2001@comcast.net>
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 20:15:52 -0400
This is starting to sound like the silicon vs. conventional brake fluid debate 
the brass vs. stainless sleeve master rebuild debate.

If there are failure issues with the Pertronix, these can only be attributed to 
a manufactuing defect, or a usage/ installation problem.

Ignition module failures from the manufacturer are not unheard of.  Ford had a 
recall with thier ignition modules some time ago.   This was caused by the fact 
the ignition module was mounted to the engine in a hot place which did not bode 
with components within the module that had different rates of thermal expansion.

Despite the above I have never encountered an ignition module failure in all 
the modern
daily drivers I have owned.

There is one case that Pertronix mentions on their website that could account 
for many
of the problems people have encountered:

"Leaving the ignition switch on when the engine is not running, can cause 
permanent damage 
to the ignition system, and related components." 

The above applys to points systems as well.  But it would be nice if the 
Ignitor was immune to 
this.   Lots of LBC coils have been cooked in this fashion.

There are two other scenarios that I am aware of that are very hard on 
automotive electronics. 
1) Jump starting a car.  There is an Intel application note that goes into 
great detail about this.
     What happens is there is a large voltage spike that occurs as the 
alternator regulator kicks in
     when you attach and remove the jumper cables.
2) Arc welding on a car without disconnecting things.

So if you have a Pertronix and are worried about protecting it then I would 
never jump start 
your car.  Always find a charger.

There is not much inside the Pertronix chunk of epoxy.  The electrical 
components probably 
cost less than $5.   You are paying for all the molding & engineering they had 
to do to get 
the Ignitor to fit into all the different applications.  

Still, it would have been nice if they threw in a spare module with the kit so 
that you are never 
stranded.  Additional modules should also be lower cost than the initial price 
as well.
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