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I remember "Dan Gurney for President", and the Mercury Cougar XR-7 I
believe.  ...bill in oregon
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"The racing sequences were filmed at Riverside Raceway in California."

I had not seen the racing scenes in about 48 years, and I swear, they gave
me goosebumps!

Oh, the memories!  The the smells, the sounds and the frenetic activity of
the pits sometimes made us forget there was even a crowd on the other side
of the track.  The drivers who produced "the sounds of Riverside" and really
"made" the track were unforgettable:  Bob Bondurant, George Follmer, Jerry
Grant, Phil Hill and Carroll Shelby, and my friend Deke Houlgate, the track
PR flack.  And of course, the one and only, the inimitable "Mr. Riverside",
Dan Gurney.  As a teenager, he and a buddy took their motorcycle around the
circuit, even while the Cats and graders were still working on it.  Do any
of you remember the old Road and Track promotions:  "Dan Gurney for

Somewhere in storage, I still have a bunch of 8x10 black and white photos I
shot, as well tons of color slides.  Gonna have to search them out, one of
these days.

     "Those were the days, my friend!
     We thought they'd never end.
     We'd sing and dance forever and a day.
     We'd live the life we'd choose.
     We'd fight and never lose.
     For we were young and sure to have our way!"

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