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Subject: [Spridgets] Fwd: 60 RHD Bugeye For Sale
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Subject: 60 RHD Bugeye For Sale
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I bought this beautiful red car in 1987.  British Motor Industry Heritage 
certificate states built Oct 3-5 1960 and dispatched Mar 9, 1961.  Has 
forward hinged fiberglass bonnet.  Rebuilt 1275 Transmission and new 1300 Long 
Engine installed 1993.  In storage for 10 years and in 2006 I redid all brakes, 
clutch and fuel lines and components.  Everything goes with it including 
tonneau, top, side curtains, canvas cover and original British Registration 
papers.  Never used in rain or inclement weather.  Hate to sell, but ready to 
roll.  Contact me for further info and photos.
Rudy Streng
Lenoir, NC


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