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I'm too far out of the route or I'd gladly help. Kevin, maybe post this idea to 
the other lists??
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[Spridgets] Fee Boat Anchor
Let's figure out haw we (as a group) can transport it to Rick......
Maybe we can relay this thing ;)
I'm in Pennsylvania.  Is there anyone closer to Howard?
Kevin V.Tuscarora, Pa
On Wed, Dec 26, 2018 at 2:00 PM Rick Fisk via Spridgets 
<spridgets@autox.team.net> wrote:
I would really like to have it.  I can use it.  Now I just need to figure out 
how to get it to Michigan.  :-)

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On Dec 26, 2018, at 9:41 AM, miniac7--- via Spridgets 
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If anyone in the vicinity of the mid-Atlantic area would like to come by and 
pick up a 948 which was running when removed, please help clean out my garage 
for the new year before I haul it off to the metal recycler. 


Howard Collins

Virginia Beach, VA.



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