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Re: Black Tiger Too

To: laifman@flash.net (Steve Laifman)
Subject: Re: Black Tiger Too
From: Roland Dudley <cobra@cdc.hp.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 97 8:11:30 PDT
> Roland,
> anyone abducted by the mysterious "Black Tiger", and were there any
> unusual personal examinations or operations?

Funny, but I just can't seem to remember much about it.  I just have
this "feeling". 
> Steve

> BTW: There are strangely large buildings along the 101, near the
> Lawrence Expressway, on Air Force property (Okizuma AFB?). Although the
> Air Force strongly denies any unusual activity (we have a number of our
> company sited there), I am sure I saw the number "51" painted on the
> door of one of them. Any confirmations? Can we form an organization to
> uncover the "Real reason for the cover-up". Was it really just a weather
> balloon you saw?
> -- 
> Steve Laifman         < Find out what is most     >

What buildings?  I don't recall ever seeing these buildings.


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