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Re: Say what, Tiger?

To: Steve Laifman <laifman@flash.net>
Subject: Re: Say what, Tiger?
From: Alvin and Lucille Johnson <johnson@ids.net>
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 08:00:57 -0400
Hey Steve---I was saving the best for last---the Tiger embroidery has no
ears, a la Holyfield. Ask Norman about that one. Or maybe Tyson.
If you want an authentic patch-replica embroidery job, see Brock Tella.
I bought one of his polo shirts. It's high quality, and the Tiger has
ears. Do you do caps, Brock? 
Al J. (B9472024)
Steve Laifman wrote:
> There was a posting a few days ago about an embroidered Tiger patch. The
> complaint was that the "Powered By Ford" lettering did not go all the
> way across the patch to match the width of the "SUNBEAM" line or the
> ST&Tiger head. This is true, however, if you looked thru Norman's book
> in the "OPTIONS" section you will find this logo often. In many cases it
> is a part of the original LAT letterhead, and sometimes did not include
> the last line. But, when it did, the "Powered By Ford" ended just under
> the "T" of the "ST". So, while the patch may not be as balanced as some
> would wish, it does seem to be the authentic usage.
> Steve
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