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RE: brake lite switch

To: tigers@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: RE: brake lite switch
From: Steven.Metcalfe@amermsx.med.ge.com
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 10:55:28 -0500
I'm in need of the same info.  Who knows what the part number is for the
brake light switch?  Is it Ford, Girling or Lucas?  I don't even care if
it is the original or not, just need one that works.  Having lights back
there is more important than a concourse trophy (ha ha).

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> From:         Roland Dudley[SMTP:cobra@cdc.hp.com]
> Sent:         Wednesday, July 09, 1997 10:44 AM
> To:   CoolVT@aol.com
> Cc:   tigers@autox.team.net
> Subject:      Re: brake lite switch
> > Can anyone help me with a manufacturer and part # for a brake lite
> switch?
> >   I picked up a Beck Arnley #201-0130 and it appears to be just a
> touch too
> > large in diameter.  Help !!!   I'd like to do it tomorrow.  So if
> you can
> > share the info.........    Mark
> > 
> Is this a hydraulic switch?  I was surprised to find a Ford logo on
> the
> original switch in my Cobra.  When it needed replacing I took it to a
> local auto parts store and had them match it up to one they had in
> stock.
> Also I was never happy with the amount of pedal pressure required to
> activate this switch.  Changing switches didn't help matters so I
> rigged
> up a limit switch to come on when the brake pedal arm was off of its
> stop and connected it in parallel with the hydraulic switch.  I no
> longer have irate people yelling at me to get my brake lights fixed.
> This also greatly increased my comfort level driving in
> bumper-to-bumper
> traffic.
> Roland

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