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The Inside Story (#10)

To: Rick & Amy at home <amyf@pop.erols.com>,
Subject: The Inside Story (#10)
From: Larry Wright <Larry.Wright@mail.wdn.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 19:01:53 -0700
Still working on the car, but I'm about to have a hiatus.

The dash and wiring are about done. What isn't is the blower switch; I forgot 
to mark which wire 
goes where and the factory wiring diagram just indicates "optional". I really 
could use some advice 
on which color-code goes to which #'ed terminal.

I have a cool flexible-wand map light on a screw-down base that's hardwired to 
the car it's in; I 
saved it from my Datsun 510 when I rallied a bit. Cannot find a spot on the 
over-the dash flange of 
the upper crash pad (the upside-down horizontal surface) where I can attach it 
w/out fouling the 
glovebox door. I might have to stick with the factory lamp. Ugh!

The bumpers, back from the chrome shop, are on the car now. Could not find the 
correct bolts, so I 
got some stainless-steel carriage bolts and buffed the heck of of them; they 
look good. I don't miss 
the overriders at all, I think they spoil the lines of the car (yeah, I know, 
so does a dented front 

More difficult was the folding roll bar (more stainless steel bolts). The 
outboard two of the three 
brackets most at the outboard corners of the front edge of the parcel shelf; 
bolts down from the top 
and back from the front where the brackets wrap over. Unfortunately, the area 
under the car where I 
drilled the holes isn't wide open. There's a box channel across the car there, 
and the only access 
holes to the channel are "downstream" from where I needed them. Eventually, I 
used masking tape to 
secure the nuts and washers to the "open" end of a combo wrench, at a cock-eyed 
angle, like it's 
about to slip of the wrench. Then , holding the other end of the wrench, I 
could feed it through to 
the nut while my father got the bolts started---

*non-Tiger content*
My dad was in town and came over to help. He's 72, and the last time he was 
around high-performance 
cars was racing stocks against folks like Lee Petty back in the late 1940's. 
Not only helped a lot, 
but kept me calmed down after several frustrating hours under the car taping 
nuts to wrenches. O.K., 
back to Tiger stuff

---; I figure it took about 45 minutes per bolt. The center bracket attaches 
over the bulge in the 
parcel shelf where it clears the diff; that one took about 10 minutes, tops. 
The whole thing looks 
pretty cool, and I hope I never need it.

Well, I had to start on the seats eventually, so I tried that over this 
weekend; my dad was back in 
town, so he came by. The structural part of one seat bottom went rather 
quickly, but when putting 
the leather on, we had trouble getting it to "seat" right, There's a section of 
pleats that should 
nestle down into a 'pocket' in the foam, but I couldn't get it right. So I set 
it aside for a 
breather (you know, a 12-oz hops-flavored soda). Then I made a discovery. Down 
in my basement, a 
mouse had made its way into the house, and, instead of eating our food, it had 
decided to snack on 
the leather seat upholstery! (SH*#<%"@:+!!!!!) Well, too late now. So I called 
up Martha Wheat, and 
she says that if I send it back she might be able to unstitch and replace the 
damaged parts (mostly 
nibbled white piping: go figure). So, I'll be a couple of weeks before the 
seats are ready (HEY, 
Larry! That's still faster than _you_ could do it! Yeah, that's true). While 
she's at it, I'm 
sending the frames and stuff, let her finish up the seats _right_.

Well gotta go now, I have a mouse to catch...

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