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Subject: Thermo-Tec
From: Anita & Jim Barrett <anitabrt@mindspring.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 21:15:59 -0400
At 01:35 am 7/17/97 -0400, you wrote:
>FYI; Thermo-Tec (the header wrap tape people) has just brought out header
>sleeves.  The pics I saw were 22" long swaths of heat resistant material
>that would fit around a header tube (dunno what diameter but I'd guess
>approx 1.5") and then snapped shut every couple of inches or so.  If your
>luxurious engine space is anything like the rest of ours the sleeves may be
>easier to apply in-situ than the tape.  
>I called Thermotec and only 4 shops (PAW and I forget the other 3) have
>them in California.
Jim Parent,
        Just picked up two rolls of Thermo-Tec and matching Snap Strap
kit.  $103.00. Everything is high except my income.  The Thermo-Tec
looks like a real course weave dirty tan canvas tape with a slight shine
to it.  I assume that it is in fact woven rock wool from the looks of it.
Rock wool is the cheap dirty gray insulation similar to fiberglass except
 that it is made from molten igneous rock.  It is about 3/32" thick by
2" wide.  I assume that fiberglass tape would do the same thing as
this stuff and it would be white, at least to start.  I will have to take the
headers off to install this stuff.
Jim Barrett Tiger II 351 C and others

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